Video Tutorials

Hi Everyone,
I have been asked by many people how I shoot my video tutorials.  Here is a HORRIBLE video of me shooting a video of my video taping set up! HAHAHAHA…. If that made sense to you, you should be studying at Harvard!  Good Grief Charlie Brown.  At any rate, this video is a little like The Blair Witch Project, minus the runny noses and ghosts.  The camera is super shaky because I was holding my iPad with one hand and I kept having to set it down, so just be patient.  Oh and the infamous Buddy the ChiFox Dog started barking, which is parr for the course because he never bothers to bark when I am NOT shooting a video!  I think him and my beautiful 3 yr old hold in everything they’ve got until they see me enter my Scrap/Stamp room and then say “OK, here’s our chance, wreak havoc on the house and be as noisy as possible because Mom is trying to work and is not paying attention just to us”  Therefore you my lovely audience not only get educational videos to watch on my blog but rather entertaining.  I am done rambling for now… Here’s the video!


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