Visions and Field Trips

Hey Everyone,

I thought I would drop in and give an update on our homeschool journey.  There have been some changes.  We’ve been accepted into the Visions in Education program.  We are so excited about this.  It’s a charter school program.  Macie is still homeschooled but we get to meet with a Certified Teacher once a week to help us stay on track and give me a little break.  I am thrilled beyond words about this new venture.  I am so looking forward to all the fun enrichment classes and other stuff that is offered through this program.  

We took a field trip last week.  We visited the two local veterinarians in our area.  One is a large animal vet and the other small animal.  I took my friend Tina’s daughter with us, and two other homeschool families met us there.  It was so fun.  They got to feed a baby goat and ride this awesome horse 🙂


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