Waffles Remind Me of Aunt Linda….

Aunt Linda with Shannon and Shannon’s daughter

It’s actually not the waffle itself as much as it is the smell of waffles.  Aunt Linda is my Mom’s eldest sister.  She is like a second Mom to me.  I spent an immeasurable amount of time at her house as a child.  It took Aunt Linda a long time to have a baby.  Guess who her baby is???  SHANNON!  Yes the one that moved away to Montana and took part of my heart with her.  Now Aunt Linda spends most of her year in Montana with Shannon and her family.

Aunt Linda LOVES kids.  Kids gravitate to her.  She is so much fun.

Aunt Linda has a way of making everyone feel loved and welcome.  I believe she achieves this through food and having an open heart.  Food, as I have mentioned before is a centerpiece of my family.  Aunt Linda is one of the best cooks in our family.  Although all of my Grandparents children, and my Grandma are amazing cooks.  They each have their specialties.  

Waffles.  When I was a kid I can remember waking up in the morning, drowning in one of Aunt Linda’s nightgowns because I stayed the night at a moments notice and packed nothing for a sleep over.  The smell of bacon, sausage and waffles permeated the air.  If you could smell love, this is how it would smell.  Up before everyone cooking, and preparing a breakfast for kings.  Notice where we are in the photo below, THE KITCHEN. 🙂

Here I am with Aunt Linda when I was an itsy bitsy.

My husband always quivers over the fact that I put peanut butter on my waffles.  Um, hello, it’s the best. It’s how Aunt Linda does it!

Next time you have a waffle, think of Aunt Linda 🙂  And try it with PEANUT BUTTER AND SYRUP!  You will be pleasantly delighted.  

What is your families favorite food that you prepare?  Or do you have an Aunt Linda in your life that prepares your favorite food?  I would love to hear your story about that favorite, special Aunt or Uncle.

They are the ones that let you be who you are without judgement and give you LOTS of candy!  I love my Aunt Linda and I miss her so much when she is away.

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