Week 3 Homeschool – Bean Art Mosaics and Flat Shelli

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Hi Everyone,
Well this post is kind of tough.  I “should” be at Founders Circle Retreat right now.  However, I am here in California at home doing Bean Mosaic Art. LOL.  Am I sad? A little.  But all and all, I’m good!  I am glad I am home with my daughter.  With her just starting homeschool this year, I felt it would be really hard to leave on Wednesday and not be home until Sunday.  Look who showed up at our house today to help us with our Bean Art.  She just wants the girls at Founders to think she’s recovering… it’s all a cover up so she could come here and hang with Macie and I 🙂  We love Shelli. 

She arrived just in time this morning to help with the pledge of allegiance too… She is just so dedicated!

The finished projects.  You can go online and find printable shapes anywhere.

Everyone at Founders Circle is doing a flat Shelli. (If you don’t know, Shelli, Stampin UP!’s cofounder and CEO got hurt in a horseback riding accident, so she’s not at Founders Circle Retreat this year.)  So I thought, I would be funny and have a flat Shelli at my house… with the joke, that she really just wanted to come to Plymouth California and hang out, instead of hanging in Utah. HAHA!  Thank you Shelli for being here to help us.  You weren’t missing anything at Founders anyway. ;0)

My thoughts: This week has been especially hard for me in that I feel like I am trying to run a full time business and homeschool all by myself.  As you see above I made it into Founders Circle this last year.  This is a very prestigious award, it means I am in the TOP 100 demonstrators in the country.  WOW, right?  As amazing as that is, I can’t stand the thought of being a 1 hit wonder.  Now I want to earn Founders every year.  The truth is, Founders probably won’t happen again for a long time.  With homeschooling full time, I just don’t have the same amount of time to dedicate to Stampin’ UP!  You may have noticed I am blogging more, and regularly.  This is because I am now relying on my blogging to hopefully bring me in more sales. I do not have the time to do workshops outside of my home. 
I am feeling inadequate.  Like I should be able to “DO IT ALL” and not complain or have a moment of stress.  Yeah, I am discovering that I can’t do it all.  Thankfully my faith in God really helps me sort these types of human matters out.
I spent some time on my knees this week praying for my busy schedule, I know sounds weird.  I really feel like God just wants me to take a deep breath and praise him in all things.  I feel like I wallowed a bit this week, EW! I hate pity party’s.  God reminded me, this is not about ME!  It’s about Macie and my family.  That I am a servant to them first and everything else second.  Oh I know that servant word makes people cringe, but I know that is what God wants from me.  To serve my family and my downline and my friends.  I notice that when I start to forget that, life starts spiraling out of control.  My upline, Patty Bennett, listened to me whine a bit this week, thank you Patty.  Now my big girl pants are back on, and away we go 🙂  

7 thoughts on “Week 3 Homeschool – Bean Art Mosaics and Flat Shelli”

  1. You feel inadequate? I think you are AWESOME! It is so wonderful that you are home schooling Masie! That takes a lot of time, love and dedication. I couldn’t do it! I understand your desire to excel at your job but you realize what your most important job is. Raising your daughter. She will grow up to be an amazing individual and that is way more important than stamping!! (hugs)

  2. Trying to balance homeschooling with life in general is hard. I’ve gotten my oldest son on track (except for being behind on The Iliad) and now I’m working with my younger son to find a better schedule that will work for him.
    Thanks for sharing your prayers and struggles. It helps all us moms to know that others are not ‘supermoms’.

  3. I assure you that you are not alone in these feelings!! Last year was my first Founder’s Circle and I had so much stress afterwards. I just let it all go and did what I could and let go of the rest.I was sure I would be a one-hit wonder and I was okay with that. I was shocked at Convention to get it again. So…you never know! Do what’s right for you and your family and the rest will fall into place!

  4. as others have stated you are not alone. I have no children at home and i still find i cant do it all and feel stressed about it. I just finished a devotional about this subject and it said to not be so busy serving others that you don’t have time to serve God. also at least you had a hit, Lots of us will never make founders circle so enjoy it and don’t worry about next year, I loved homeschooling it was the most fun you can have.


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