Week 5 Homeschool Journal

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WELL HELLO…. Week 5.  I really am starting to feel like this is too easy.  I know, I know.  You are probably thinking, “she’s full of it”.  Really here we are at week 5.  So far I have not had any MAJOR issues.  Macie is always excited to do school.  She gets up and has some milk watches a couple of cartoons and eats breakfast and then says “Ok Mommy, let’s do school”  I don’t even have to ask her.  I am guessing it won’t stay like this forever, but I am not ruling it out.  I am really enjoying school and so is she.  We went on a nature walk yesterday with our friends and we made some fun wax leaves and other things when we got back.  Last week we made macaroni necklaces.  
Macie and Daddy also discovered a snake in the backyard.  It’s a harmless Gopher Snake.  We took that opportunity to show her the difference between a dangerous rattlesnake and a harmless gopher snake.  Living in the country means you have to learn things city kids don’t.  

My thoughts:  UM, I have none. LOL… The only thing I honestly keep thinking is…. when is the other shoe going to drop?  I hate to sound like a negative nelly, but really, I do wonder.  Is this going to get harder?  Are we going to have real true issues?  I know I am only 5 weeks in.  So far this whole thing is seeming really easy.  We spend a couple of hours everyday doing work and then the rest of our time is doing fun activities.  I guess at this age, everything is a learning experience so it makes it pretty easy to teach.  I will soak up the ease and fun that it is now.  🙂

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