Well… Life Just Happens

Hey friends

I am popping in today to just say I’ve had a cold and it took me out a couple of days.  I am feeling so much better but I am so behind and life is super busy.

In my world this means I’m now a week behind in work.  Which means you aren’t getting new content.  YIKES. I actually have some videos for you but I can’t voice over them because I can’t quit coughing when I talk.

Keep an eye out because life on my blog should resume as scheduled next week, I’m gonna say Tuesday or Wednesday.  Yep I’m that behind.

Plus I have family visiting from out of state.  So in between resting to get better I have tried to do a little visiting.

I figure if there is a good time for this to all happen it’s now.

Lets call it a forced vacation! HAHA!





  1. Barbara Palczewski says

    Glad to hear you’re on the mend! Still be sure to take care! We can wait for whatever comes next I’m your creativity! Your health takes precedence!!

  2. CaroleAnn says

    Wendy, sorry to hear you are under the weather. It’s funny I thought I heard something in your voice in your last video. So no worries, relax, enjoy your family, and in between get some rest. Sometimes the good Lord steps in and makes us rest – one way or another!!! Big hugs and blessings always

  3. Tad Krauss says

    Life happens Enjoy your family. We’re all still here, and will be when you recover. At your death bed will you say I wish I had worked harder or I wish I had spent ore time with my family and friends

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