What Are You Making For Dinner?? Freebie Friday #51

Exactly! I bet you don’t know what you are making for dinner yet.  That’s why you need one of Carrie’s meal planners.
BOY do I have a treat for you today.  Not only am I going to review this awesome planner for you, I have also hooked up with Carrie to get you 10% off your purchase of your own planner at her Etsy Store. *USE CODE WC10OFF to get your discount*

I needed something to help me get our food budget under control.  One of our NEW YEAR goals is to save some money for an emergency fund.  We have neglected to do this (we are actually on Dave Ramsey’s Baby Step #3, check that out here)  So we are hoping to get some money saved.  Of course to do that I needed to take a good look at where we were wasting money.  I know for sure I was wasting money in our food budget.  I tend to be lazy and go grab whatever is easy at the store the day of needing it instead of planning it out.  I have already seen a savings this month from using this planner and sticking to it.

YAY! — I have been using this planner for a month now and it’s working GREAT!  Check out the video below to see how I am using it.

Order one of Carrie Elles Meal Planners HERE using the code WC10OFF and save 10% on one of her cool planners.  The code is only good for the month of February.

I hope you enjoy using this planner as much as I do.  If you get one let me know how you like it 🙂
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