What does Garth Brooks have in common with Michaels?


It all started in January.  By chance I found out that Garth Brooks was going to be touring in Sacramento.

To give you a little background.  I am a HUGE Garth fan.  I mean I had a scrapbook all things Garth related when I was 13.  I still have it.  I am not embarrassed to admit this.  It’s packed away somewhere.

Shannon loves to tease me about this fact, but I don’t care.  It’s history man!



As soon as I found out the date and time that tickets were going on sale I marked my calendar.  The night before they went on sell I actually had trouble sleeping.

I wanted to go DESPERATELY.  I have had the pleasure of seeing Garth live one time, when he did a fundraiser 6 years ago.  I knew I had to see him again.

The long awaited day finally arrived to purchase tickets.  As I sat in Starbucks with my laptop ready to go and my phone in my other hand I was nervous.  Not only did I want to go but by now I had a whole slew of people that asked me to get them tickets too.  How did I end up with such a big responsibility?


The clock struck 10am.  CLICK… CLICK … CLICK…. “We are searching for the best available seats”  The gray wheel of death just spun and spun.  For what seemed like forever.  Finally after 25 minutes of waiting the screen says “We are SORRY no more tickets are available for this show”

WAAAAAAAAAAA………  Shock.  Dismay.  Frustration.  All overcome me.

Then I get a text from my Aunt.  Two more shows are released.  WHAT!?  Two more.  The clicking starts again.  For another 35 minutes the stupid gray wheel spins… and then suddenly… when I thought all hope was lost.

“5 Tickets are available.  You have 3 minutes to claim your seats.”

JOY.  TRIUMPH.  I’ve done it.  I’ve saved the day.  Everyone will be so happy.  I clicked the check out button and then, and only then did I look at the time and date of the tickets.


Saturday March 28th at 10:30pm…. LOL…. 10:30pm.  What in the heck?  He is going to do a concert AFTER his first one on Saturday at 7pm?  You’ve got to be kidding.  My bed time is 10:30pm.  How will I survive this?

It didn’t matter.  It’s Garth.  The nosebleed seats don’t matter, the time doesn’t matter.  It’s Garth.  Where Garth goes I will go.

Fast forward.  We decided the day of the concert we would go early.  Have dinner and do a little shopping.

Since I live so rural I thought this is a perfect opportunity to go to Michael’s and go shopping before dinner and before Garth.   Here’s the Garth crew.  We went to On the Border to eat.


So what does Garth Brooks have in common with Michaels?  Well nothing really, except that THIS GAL is HUGE fans of both.


Hope you enjoy the haul video and all the photos.



Michaels haul.


Who is your favorite singer?  Leave me a comment and let me know.


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