What I’ve been up to

My hubby and I have been working on redoing the dining room.  It will be our craft/homeschool/hang out area!  I am really looking forward to finishing.  Here are some photos of the before and some stuff in progress!

Here is the dining room after we got rid of the kitchen table

I got this unit at a Yard Sale.  It was the ugliest orange, so I started repainting all of the pieces

 Pieces of the unit that I finished painting

This was FREAKY!  BEES were swarming all over my outside painting project.  They were peeling the paint off the plywood and storing it on their legs!  See the big ball of white stuff on his leg under him.. yeah, that’s paint.  Can someone please tell me why they do this!? EW
A day to relax.  We took the opportunity of the beautiful California weather and went to the lake.  This was a much needed day away for us.  This is my daughter at the bow of the boat.  She’s watching a pelican fly away! 



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