What’s New in Homeschool

Hey everyone,
I haven’t done an update on our homeschool adventure in a while.  I thought I would do that today.  I found that updating you weekly is a bit much, as not much changes week to week now that we are in a routine.  

Macie is doing great in school.  We are struggling a bit to get up and do school everyday, as the Christmas season is upon us.  All we really want to do is watch Christmas movies, bake, and craft.  HAHA!  LUCKILY in Kindergarten, you can pass of the baking and crafting as part of school time. WHEW.  

Here Macie is making Gingerbread houses at her Grandma’s.  We had so much fun.  My Mom and hubby’s Mom were both there and I think that’s so fun.  I didn’t have two Grandma’s so I love it when my Mom and my hubby’s Mom do stuff together with Macie.  

On our way home from doing the gingerbread houses we saw this little lady and two of her friends eating grass.  We feel so blessed to live in the country where we can see wildlife all the time.  


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