When Summer Just Whips Your Butt…

Oh So Eclectic Bundle from Stampin' UP! is extremely versatile. Wendy Cranford luvinstampin.com


Summer is kicking my business butt.  I am so busy running my kid around, going to appointments or meetings, or keeping up with family events and regular old errands I am ready to crumble on the floor and cry!

Do you know how hard I tried to “PLAN” for this summer?  So this exact thing would not happen.  Read more about that HERE.

UGH… Best laid plans they say!

At any rate… today I am swiping from the Stampin’ UP! files and showing you a bundle that I don’t own yet.  I can’t wait to get it.  It’s on my next order.  But until then you will have to enjoy Stampin’ UP!’s amazing samples of the Oh So Eclectic Bundle.

Check out their video and if you want to order this set, you can… just click HERE.


2 thoughts on “When Summer Just Whips Your Butt…”

  1. I raised 6 plus children…I worked 40 hours a week and the rest at home! I remember one night in the tub in just tears.
    Take time for yourself!!!! The kids do not have to do everything. I remember as a child my fun was my own. Today we feel we must keep our kids happy! Take care Mommy…take a vacation with out kids!!! Lots of Love….

    • Thank you Rose Mary for your kind words. I agree, we do too much of the keeping them happy. They have to learn to just be happy at times with their own self. No devices and no TV just playing. We limit electronic and TV time. She has been swimming A LOT which is good.


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