Where Have I Been?

That’s my hubby laying out his plans (tailboard) for the event.

Hello and happy Monday (or if you’re getting this in email it is Tuesday)

At any rate, I have been a little MIA for the last few days, you may or may not wonder why, and you may or may not care. HAHA!

I took off at o’ dark thirty on Thursday morning to spend some time with my husband.  We went to North Carolina for the 2018 National Lineman Rodeo.

The trip was AMAZING to say the least.

We got a photo right before the opening ceremonies. Yes he’s tall 6’5 but with boots and hard hat, more like 6’8 I would guess. I am very short.

My husband competed in 4 physical events and I written test.  He did well, ran clean, good times, but not quite good enough to place.  Maybe next year.

Here he is doing the hurtman rescue. They have to climb up and save a “dummy” on the pole. Fun event to watch. He had a great time and ran it clean.

I also made new friends.  Linewives is the term people use.  Basically you feel this sense of commorodre because you are married to these guys that have crazy busy schedules and crazy dangerous jobs.  In fact, during the event, a man fell about 8 ft from a pole and broke his leg.  Each day I pray, God bring my guy back to me.  I try not to worry about him, but it’s hard not to.

We enjoyed a beautiful awards and banquet dinner as well.

This is the apprentice team, minus one guy. He hadn’t shown up yet.

One of my favorite parts of the entire trip was getting to meet my team member Carrie Slaughter.  She lives nearby in Durham and I was so happy she came and got me for lunch.

This week I am taking a little time to regroup.  Check back on my blog to see the stuff I have going on through the week.  I will definitely be checking in to share my new pre order of products with you guys.

Here are a few reminders:

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I am happy to be home!  But I am so tired.  This kind of sums up how I feel today! HAHA!

Our puppy, Truvy, in our daughters bed. Hiding from Monday!


8 thoughts on “Where Have I Been?”

  1. Oh it’s so good to have that time with your hubby!! When I saw the photos I thought, “He looks as tall as my John!” Yep! My hubby is 6’7” but I too am tall at 5’11” and our daughter is 6’!!!! Tell your hubby thank you for what he does! That’s hard work!!! He may not have placed in the competition but I bet he is 1st in your heart!!!! Y’all be blessed!!! Cindy

  2. Wendy, did you notice the basket weave on the wall above the podium? Is that coincidental, or what? Looks just like the SU! basket weave TIEF! Looks like you two had a good time and ate well (desserts look delicious!). Glad you’re back, although not quite in action just yet. My husband’s not as tall as yours, but I’m probably about the same height as you.

  3. Sounds like a fun event. And thank your husband for the work he does. I have a good friend whose husband is a lineman and I pray for these guys often. I think I should add the wives to the prayer list!

  4. Sound like a fun event for your husband, plus you made new friends…

    Love that your coming back… love your dog.


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