Will We Get The Shelves Hung? Craft Room Refresh Part 2

Welcome to the second installment of our craft room refresh series. Today we are dealing with functionality. So watch the video and check out the photos below for more explanation.


In order to make sense of some of the changes we made, I have to take you back a little bit.

When we were building my new studio it was early 2020. Right around the week that the pandemic broke out here in the USA my new studio was getting baseboards and furniture moved in.

After years of experience I have learned that living in a space for a time is essential to knowing how it will flow and work best for you. I made the decision when I moved into this space to purchase as little as I could and just repurpose the furniture from my previous craft room.

Enter this hutch. After my Grandpa passed this hutch was one of the items that needed a home. Frankly, no one really wanted it. But I thought it could be useful in my craft room. For the last two and a half years it served the purpose of storing my envelopes and other miscellaneous items for shipping and office supplies.

However, it was big and bulky, not really my style and not very functional. I was forcing it to work but it really didn’t. This was on my list of items to replace.

Here is the new system. I purchased ClosetMaid shelving so it could be easily adjusted and it’s easy to install. The bookshelf below it was made by my Grandpa. It was previously in another spot in my craft room. I will never get rid of this piece of furniture. It’s very special to me.


If you missed my first video in the series you can watch it here. I hope you join me in this adventure.

Choose one space a week if that’s all you have the energy for. Make it a small space if need be.

Remember the tips from week one:

+ Choose a small manageable space to start with

+ If you look at the item and you don’t immediately want to keep it, get rid of it. Donate it, trash it or give it to someone.

+ Remember you are making room for new goodies, so be ruthless. If you haven’t touched it in years, let it go.

In the video I mention my Mystery Boxes that are for sale. You can CLICK HERE to purchase one of those.

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