Wintery Christmas Card


This card is one of my favorite cards I have EVER made!  I just love love love how it turned out.  It’s so beautiful.  I cased this card from Lee Corning.  She is another demonstrator that does great work.  OBVIOUSLY!  

Do you ever have those moments that you see something and think…. Man I wish I would’ve come up with that?  Yeah, well I have those about every single day, sometimes twice a day or more. I always chuckle when people say, “Oh you do such beautiful stuff I could never do that!”  Then I have to respond “Um, I didn’t do this, I COPIED IT!” The best thing about this industry is we can all pull from each others creativity and cool stuff so we don’t have to reinvent the wheel.  We can just run on the one already there! 

I decided I liked these so much I am going to teach a class on how to make them in December.  Really looking forward to that!

Happy Crafting,



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