World Card Making Day – Service Project for the Troops


I decided that I would do a service project in honor of World Card Making Day.  I am having an event at my house in which I am hoping for lots of people to stop by and make a card for the troops!  I would love to send 200+ cards to the troops over seas. This morning I went to a local elementary school and had them help me make cards so I have a good jump start on my goal.  I wish I had a photo for you but the school doesn’t allow photography.

Here are a couple of my prepping for the event photos.  I am planning to take a lot of photos today so I will have them up for you tomorrow!

If you’d like to get in on this make a card for me today to send to the troops.  Send it to me at 
PO BOX 762
Plymouth CA 95669

Hoping I fill these boxes UP!

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