Yes, I am starting Christmas Gifts NOW!

Hi there!
Well, it’s confession time.  I vowed I would NOT buy Christmas presents for anyone (except my child and husband) in 2012.  This last year was RIDICULOUS expensive.  After counting all the children we had to buy for I got a whopping total of 15, that doesn’t include friends kids.  The realization that we spent more than a month and half salary on Christmas gifts was disgusting to me.  To me Christmas should be about Jesus and celebrating his birth, not feeling like it left you with more debt than you care to admit to someone.  SO, here we are in January 2012.  I am starting a “Wendy makes Christmas Gifts series”.  Let’s just hope that my family doesn’t watch.  I will have to be careful about naming names for gifts.  

At any rate this is the first of the gifts.  I had this material and I am going to use it for a Christmas Gift.  I just finished this towel last night.  When I was pregnant my cousin Sharon (amazing quilter and sewer) made two of these for my daughter.  I love them because they are oversized, so they last forever.  I used them when Macie was an infant and at 3 years old she is still using them.  The pattern is beyond simple, that’s the only reason I am capable of doing it 🙂 Here is my model in the towel that I made.  Sorry the photo is so bad, I took it with my iPad. 

1 thought on “Yes, I am starting Christmas Gifts NOW!”

  1. I know the feeling! We have 6 kids, their spouses and 10 (and counting) grandcildren to buy for!!! I make alot of the gifts and always plan to start early… but that doesn’t always go as planned! All the kids love the calendars I make but this year, I am starting them in January. No more December 23rd and rushing to finish them up!!I will be looking forward to seeing what you make. Maybe I’ll get some new ideas!! 🙂


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