Zoo Babies AND Baby Babies and Thank YOUS!!!!

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**Longest blog post ever, but worth the read**
I love that Stampin’ UP! always has the perfect stamp set for any occasion.  My dear friend Amy took me, Macie and Macie’s friend Kayla to the Animal Ark in Reno. WHAT A TRIP!  

Picture it, 2013, Here we are at 8am ready to embark on a grand adventure from Plymouth!  We head out, we make it almost to Tahoe to meet up with Amy, and Kayla gets car sick.  She throws up in the car.  The poor baby, it’s all over her, the car and her car seat.  I am pulled over on a very narrow road trying to figure out what I am going to do.  Macie is crying and plugging her nose, Kayla is crying and saying she wants to go home, and mind you, we are an hour and 40 minutes from home. AHA— SURVIVAL PACKS.  I know you are thinking WHAT?… So my hubby and I have survival/emergency packs in our vehicles.   In those FANTASTIC packs (that I now recommend EVERYONE own) are big black garbage bags.  I put everything with puke, except Kayla into a bag… and we are off.  On our way to Tahoe.  Finally we arrive.  We get to Tahoe and meet Amy, we have a potty and play break for 30 minutes or so.  Everyone piles in Amy’s (non puky car) and we are off.  On the great adventure.  In Carson City we stop at WalMart to get shoes for Kayla and an extra shirt, just in case she gets sick again.  While in WalMart, Amy (very pregnant I might add, see photos below) manages to lay down her $200 pair of sun glasses.  However, we do not discover this mishap until ALL of us are back in the vehicle.  Panic sets in for the Mom to Be and she goes back in to WalMart… HERE IS A ROOKY MISTAKE!  She is preggers with her first kid… she leaves me in the car with two 5 year olds that have already been in the car for a combine total of 3 hours at this point.  I would’ve said “Screw the $200 pair of glasses I am not making these kids sit in the car”  The beauty of this moment, is that not only will she someday, understand screw the glasses, she won’t ever own $200 sun glasses again. LOL!  (sorry Amy)  After a 30 minute search and rescue mission she comes up empty handed.  Of course some worthless person probably saw her very expensive glasses laying there and took them.  Congrats for you butt head!  We are, back on the road.  Thank God for iPads, the girls were wonderfully behaved watching Brave.  Funny thing – Amy kept trying to turn down her radio THAT WASN’T ON, because the noise of the iPad movie was bugging her… LOL…  Rooky… oh boy.

Not too far up the road in Reno, everyone is hungry.  We are talking a very pregnant hungry woman, and two small children, and me, the least patient person and slightly mean when hungry.  You can imagine.  Whole Foods Market seems to be the place to stop.  In we go.  Two kids running around under foot as we try to make plates of food.  Kayla wants strawberries.  All the goods are purchased and we head outside to eat.  I have the container of strawberries, open them and plop them in front of Kayla.  Amy looks at me like I am about to feed Kayla rat poison while pulling her fingernails out.  I say to her, “I would normally wash them but what am I supposed to do here”  She says “I will find a sink inside to wash them in”  Rooky… just sayin.  (Amy, Tina thanks you, her kid got washed strawberries) 

Everyone eats. Everyone is Happy Happy Happy!  Back in the car we go.  I know, you are tired already, imagine how we felt.  Back on the road.  Then I hear “Um, Wen, I really don’t want to show you this GPS” … Me:” Um why…”  Amy informs me we still have like 30 miles to go, PAST RENO!  OH MY GOOD LORD!!!!!  Time to pull up the big girl panties!  We finally turn on the road to the Animal Ark, the 11 mile road, that is a 40 MPH road, yeah, do the math… takes forever.  Then we hit ROAD CONSTRUCTION!  Yes I  could not make this up if I tried.  Finally after a wait we are on our way.  As we approach the Animal Ark we announce to the kids we are there and here is the sign… THEY SCREAMED at the top of their little lungs.  I could not blame them.  

Here we are at the Ark.  It was amazing.  We had so much fun.  Rachel, Amy’s friend, was fantastic showing us around and teaching us about the animals.   I will never forget this trip.  I am so thankful for Amy, she’s a great friend and I cannot wait to meet her little girl.  I know she will be just as amazing and beautiful as her Mommy.  

I made this Memory Page for Amy in MDS (click for free trial of My Digital Studio).  I am going to frame it for her to hang in her baby’s room. The card is a Thank You card for her and one for Rachel (the awesome Animal Keeper)!

sets to make this card.

While I was making the card above my beautiful princess came in with these two critters!  YIKES!

4 thoughts on “Zoo Babies AND Baby Babies and Thank YOUS!!!!”

  1. I smiled a lot reading this! I have 7 kids and laughed as I pictured a past trip I took with them to an amusement park and something similar happened. Life is always interesting with kids.

  2. Hilarious story Wendy! As a Mom of 3 I was laughing with you, especially about the $200 sunglasses…I am lucky to get $5 sunglasses..lol. Fantastic MDS layouts and love the card too!

  3. Oh, Wendy, I didn’t know whether to laugh or moan in sympathy after reading your story! Anybody who’s been a mom has had experiences like this. So glad you kept your sense of humor, or at least regained it sometime before writing this. And your scrap page is adorable.


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